Guiding students to reach their God-given potential.

Bethel Christian Academy provides students a small classroom environment where they receive academic, social, and emotional support so they can reach their God-given potential.

Bethel Christian Academy is


At Bethel Christian Academy, Christian faith is integrated into the school day through daily devotions and prayer, monthly chapel, and seeking to grow and learn spiritually every day.

Fully Accredited

BCA is approved by the state of Tennessee and accredited by Cognia, which recognizes commitment to quality and excellence in education on a national and international level.


Bethel Christian Academy includes therapy rooms so students can meet with counselors and social workers during the school day. Each student has a master’s-level social worker available as a resource for crisis intervention, referrals, skill building, and other needs that arise.

“The small class size is such a huge asset because it has really helped my son find leadership skills that he didn’t know that he had because he wasn’t given an opportunity to put them into practice. This is a huge thing for someone who is trying to find their way in a big pond, and that has been such a strength for him.”
– bethel Parent

S.P.I.R.E. Impact

spiritual | physical | intellectual | relational & emotional

2022-2023 School Year


spiritual decisions made by students


hours dedicated to spiritual growth


hours dedicated to outdoor and physical activities


of students showed improvement in their nutritional choices


student/teacher ratio


graduates this year going to college or trade schools


truancy or suspensions for any residential students


increase in the average high school GPA


improvement is student’s emotional health


showed improvement in family relations


hours of therapeutic care


increase in Pre ACT reading scores


increase in Pre ACT science scores

Student Stories

Running With Endurance

Running With Endurance

Practice Makes Perfect This month the kids at Bethel wrapped up the Cross Country running season. They trained hard over the summer months and into the fall semester. Often if …

Growing Academically and Spiritually

Growing Academically and Spiritually

Achieving Academic Excellence Kyle is a senior at Bethel Christian Academy. When he first came to Bethel several years ago his grades were not good, and he didn’t like school. …

Giving Back to our Nation’s Soldiers

Giving Back to our Nation’s Soldiers

Every year, our students do a service project to give back to those in our community and around the world. And this year, we had the incredible opportunity to support …

Positive Peer Pressure

Positive Peer Pressure

It does not take very long after a child arrives at Bethel for them to experience peer pressure from the other children, but not in the way you might assume! As our kids …


Laney’s Story

Laney has dealt with a lot of meanness in her life, even at her prior school where she was often picked on for being different. Sometimes, just for the color …


Kyle’s Story

Kyle was a mystery. The young teen had stopped communicating. He wasn’t learning. He didn’t want to board the bus or go to school. When he fell four grade levels …


Rachel’s Story: Nowhere to Go

Rachel came to Bethel as a young teen without any family left who could care for her. At Bethel, she found the healing and hope she needed to overcome the …

Austin’s Story

Austin’s Story: From Rebellion to Responsibility

Minus a Father, He Despised Authority Austin has not seen his father since he was a small boy. And by the time he was 16, he had no interest in …

Bethel Christian Academy is approved by the state of Tennessee and accredited by Cognia, which recognizes commitment to quality and excellence in education on a national and international level. This seal ensures that our students can earn a high school diploma that is accepted by any college or university of their choice.