Rachel’s Story: Nowhere to Go

Rachel came to Bethel as a young teen without any family left who could care for her. At Bethel, she found the healing and hope she needed to overcome the trauma of her childhood, excel in school, and find God’s path for her life.

Rachel shared more of her story and discussed what life was like as a child raised by a parent caught up in addiction. This story appeared on a WRCB-TV special on the Opioid Epidemic.

An Update on Rachel’s Story

As Rachel found healing, a family from her home church who has known her for some time felt called to take Rachel in and make her a part of their family. Bethel’s social worker Trisha Tatum  guided Rachel  and the family through that transition. She is now attending a private school and looking at colleges.

We are thankful for the Bethel supporters who made healing and hope possible for Rachel.